Electronic device boxes, pay, automotive, info, automation, led kiosks, especially the most preferred rack cabinets in the IT sector, are our main and most preferred products.

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Some of the products we produce for projects

In addition to these productions, electronic totem, bank kiosk, LED display systems, display cases and stainless steel kiosks are some of the products that we produce the most in the sectors that are developing due to today’s technological developments. The very rapid development of the sector, which is open to innovations, requires a separate experience in the correct planning and production of products.
In the devices and equipment used in the IT sector, the disassembly and installation processes can be too much, so the products are usually easy to disassemble and installable. For this reason, the product quality and the quality of the materials and connections used also directly affect the product life. These requirements of the IT sector also require a planned and accurate production, and flexible products that can be shaped according to innovations are planned.